Monday, March 07, 2005


The Astrology OF Resentment

Many will understandably take issue with my comments regarding astrology. I've commented on its relation to political temperment before in a rather in-depth article.

In the last week I had three separate debates with "the other side" (The Left) where the usual talking points came up. Such heated discussions bordering on arguments typically begin with my response to a degrading statement. In the most recent incident, a description was made by the other person about someone who had actually done something rather nice for him. When I noted how gracious their actions obviously were the other person qualified their description by calling the well meaning person a @$%*& because he was, "one of those right-wing Christians who watches FOX news." In this kind of scenario, this is the point where I usually ask for some clarification. A person had made a considerable sacrifice and was yet described in the most negative terms because he wasn't a left-wing, non-Christian who watched an approved politically correct news source (reversed description to clarify the absurdity of the criticism).

What's so bizarre about these encounters is the typical assumption that everyone should automatically despise conservative political beliefs, Christianity, or the choice to not watch the usual cabal of cosmopolitan news sources. It's like the period before the election when total strangers would just mouth off what a horrible person George Bush was, assuming that you must agree with them or you'd be, "one of those right-wing Christians who watches FOX news."

This particularly annoying trait among those on the left seems to occur with a remarkable consistency.

After heated discussions like those of the last week, I often check the astrological chart of the person I was debating (if I know, or am able to find out, their birthday).

I know this sounds rather ridiculous to anyone who doesn't include astrology among their hobbies but; every time, the person in question has a very dominant placement of the planet Saturn in their chart (a condition I go over in some depth in my essay on astrology and political psychology).

The reason I point this out is that the attributes of this astrological configuration so accurately describe what I've found when dealing with these people. There's always what I'd call, a "hard edge" to these people. Between all the cliché' diatribes about, "love, peace, cooperation, and sharing" there's something downright mean in these people and their ideology.

I've certainly seen this astrological signature in non-Leftist charts as well but it shows up with surprising regularity among those who dare see themselves as fonts of "compassion." I might also add that you won't likely find a dominant Saturn in the astrological chart of someone who thinks people, "should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as they don't impose on other's lives" (the libertarian / classical liberal standard).

In my earlier essay on this issue I had pointed out the frequency with which this astrological indicator occurs in the charts of dictators.

Of course no one really needs an astrological chart to see what it is that I'm getting at. Any of you who have ever heard a die-hard feminist, XXX-"rights" activist, or rabid anti-capitalist (or for that matter, a Chomskyite) certainly knows what I'm talking about.

It's one thing to find some on the left idealistic or naive. All too often they're just downright mean. Is it any wonder that they always default to an adoration for coercive political authority?

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